Enov8 Releases their Latest “Evaluation Edition”



by Enov8

Enov8 is happy to announce the latest “evaluation”* edition is ready for consumption.

*A complete Release & Environment Management product with a full license for 3 months.

Our Release & Environment Management solution is designed to help you simplify and accelerate your digital transformation journey by providing key, out-of-the-box, capabilities. Including:

  • IT & Test Environment Management
  • Visual CMDB
  • Test Environment Booking Management
  • Release Trains (aligned too SAFe)
  • Implementation Management
  • Runsheeting
  • Event / Deployment Management
  • Lean Service Management Support
  • DevOps Management

+ Evaluation includes Free Access to the Support Training Portal

Note: Evaluation solution is currently available via an easy to deploy container or SAAS.

Simply complete the Contact-Us form and let’s get things started.

What is Release Management?

Release Management is a process that helps organizations manage the flow of software development from development to production. It ensures that the software is released on time, with the right features and quality. It also helps reduce risks associated with software development and deployment, including security and compatibility issues. Release Management helps ensure that the software is released on time and with the right features, while reducing the time and cost associated with software development and deployment. It also allows organizations to track changes and make sure that any problems are caught and fixed quickly. Additionally, Release Management helps organizations stay up to date with the latest technology and reduce the risk associated with new software.

Why Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager?

Streamline delivery of IT change through embracingScaled Agile best practice.

The Enov8 ERM platform helps streamline IT change management by utilizing the best practices of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It facilitates Release Train Definition, Program Increment Planning, Product Identification, Team Registration, Project and Work Item Tracking, Environment and System Contention Management, Implementation Planning, Post Implementation Reviews, and Event Deployment Tracking.

Learn more on our Release Management Platform Page.

Enov8 Release Dashboard *Sneak Peak

Release Dashboard



What is Test Environment Management?

Test Environment Management is the process of managing test environments in order to ensure that software testing is conducted in an effective, consistent, and reliable manner. It involves setting up, configuring, and maintaining test environments for software development, testing, and deployment. It includes activities such as provisioning, configuring, maintaining, and decommissioning test environments. Test environment management also includes the monitoring, logging, and reporting of test environment usage and performance.

Why Enov8 IT & Test Environment Manager?

Streamlining delivery through effective transparency & control of your IT & Test Environments. Enov8’s IT & Test Environment Manager can maximize efficiency throughout the production and development process by providing a comprehensive view of your systems, enabling centralized planning and coordination, streamlining operations, and automating orchestration.

Learn more on our Environment Management Platform Page.

Enov8 Environment Dashboard *Sneak Peak

Environment Management Navigation

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