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Evaluate Enov8’s Environment + Release Manager

Evaluate our Holistic Environments & Release Management Solution.

Our Environment Manager

IT Environment Dashboard

Improve your delivery speed by implementing a comprehensive IT & Test environment management system.

Our platform delivers:

  • Full visibility of your IT & non-production environments
  • Architectural blue-printing / modelling
  • Environment scheduling and booking
  • Central planning & coordination inc SOPs (aka Runsheets)
  • Service support to ensure a smooth testing process
  • Environment automation to streamline your workflow
  • Flexibility to integrate with the rest of your tool chain
  • Value stream insights to optimise your delivery process

 Our Release Manager

ERM Dashboard

Implement Ent Release Management to plan, orchestrate, automate & optimize releases from ideation to realization.

Our platform delivers:

  • Full visibility of release trains & program release increments
  • Enterprise release planning capabilities
  • Master planning templates
  • Project / Sprint tracking
  • Integration with your agile tools for work-item tracking
  • Implementation planning to guide deployment day events
  • Automation to streamline implementation tasks
  • Real-time dashboards & reports for better decision making

Syncronized Environments

Environments are synchronized, available & “fit for purpose”

Streamlined Operations

Operations are simplified, standardized & automated

Team Collaboration

Coordination effort is simplified within teams and across projects

Minimized Roadblocks

Project disruption (both Agile & Waterfall) is eliminated & delivery fast-tracked

Superior ROI

IT landscape spending is better measured and continually optimized