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Data Compliance Suite

The Data Securitization and Test Data Management platform. DevSecOps your Data & Privacy Risks.

A platform that uses “automated intelligence” to identify where data security exposures reside, rapidly remediate these risks without error and centrally validate your compliance success. Solution also comes with IT delivery accelerators to support Data DevOps (DataOps), data analysis & data mining.

Enov8 Data Compliance Suite Dashboard

The Data Compliance / Test Data Problem Statement

The Mission

IT Projects need “production-like” data to effectively develop and test platform changes. However, that requirement introduces “compliance” challenges as organisations are responsible for ensuring that individuals data i.e. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is continually protected from disclosure or misuse.

The consequence of not complying to “privacy acts*” is significant both financially & reputationally.

*Privacy Acts including and not limited to: APRA, CCPA, GDPR, PDPO, PDPA, HIPPA, FCRA, ECPA etc.

Data Privacy Considerations

Key reasons you need to protect your data:


  • Loss of data can have significant impact on the individuals, for example employees & customers.
  • Mismanagement of data can lead to “compliance” penalties, fines & Sanctions.
  • Companies are exposed to significant financial risk, brand damage & lawsuits.
  • Privacy protection and security regulations are continually changing & evolving.
  • Information breaches are becoming more and more common as organisation leverage the value of data.

The Data Challenge

Data is complex and identifying and addressing your data security exposures are non-trivial.


  • Platform are inherently large & complex (seas of data & billions of data points).
  • Risks are often well hidden (needles in haystacks).
  • Data security operations are manual and therefore error prone & expensive.
  • Remediation takes times. Usually months of analysis and engineering effort.
  • Success depends on competence of data engineers, platform “subject matter experts” & often luck.
Sea of Data & Mountains of Risk

The Data Compliance Solution

“The Data Bimodal”.

Enov8 Data Compliance Suite, is a holistic solution that addresses the two primary objectives of data delivery, that is agility versus security, or as we call it “The Data Bimodal”.

Out of the box features include “security oriented” capabilities like data profiling for risk discovery, data obfuscation through encryption or masking and data validation methods to confirm compliance.

And “delivery oriented” methods like data fabrication for producing fake test data, a DevOps manager for scheduling & automating data operations (DataOps) and data mining facilities for sharing & booking test data.

Both security & delivery methods are further supported through powerful integration features allowing us to integrate with other tools in your tool chain and a wide variety of data sources.

The Data Bimodal

Key features of Enov8 Data Compliance Suite:

Data Profiling

Data is complex & analysis time consuming. DCS Profiling uses AI methods to automatically understand your data & find risk automatically.

Data Masking

Engineers can spend months de-sensitizing data. Using our profiling data, DCS removes this pain by generating the security routines on the fly.

Data Validation

Not sure how to test compliance? DCS removes these concerns by automatically validating that “high risk” production patterns are removed.

Compliance Reporting

Tracking & demonstrating compliance can be difficult. DCS removes the problem by providing a birds-eye view of compliance across the enterprise.

Data Operations

Has DevOps left your Data behind? DCS provides an area to house DataOps or DataSec automation & build streamlined data factories.

Data Fabrication

Can’t find the right data in production. DCS helps you create realistic, & safe “synthetic” data for your test environments.


Data Mining

DCS helps simplify & standardize the task of data consumption through centralised data mining, viewing & booking routines.

Tools Integration

Ease of orchestrating and sharing information with your other CICD tools via our scheduler, webhooks, & open RestAPI.

Supported Data Sources

DCS works with your most popular datasources. Including relational databases, no-sql and flat files.

Supported Databases

Platform Screenshots

A selection of our favourite screenshots. Contact us to see more.

Why Enov8 Data Compliance Suite?

A few of the key benefits found in uplifting your DataSec and Test Data Management capability.

Easy to Learn


Easy to Learn,

Painless to On-board,

Straightforward Process,

Tech & Non-Tech Friendly.

Environment ROI across Infrastructure & Licensing


Identify Risk,

Avert a Security Breach,

Protect Customer Identity,

Avoid Huge Penalties.

Streamlined Data


Fast Risk Analytics,

Rapid Risk Remediation,

Automated Compliance Validation,

Push-Button Consumption of Data.

Environment ROI across Infrastructure & Licensing


Continuous Data Integration,

Continuous Data Delivery,

Automate-able Data Operations,

Team Standardization & Repeatability.

Integration Points

Some of the popular tools we integrate with.

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