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Test Data Manager

*aka ‘Data Compliance Suite’

The Data Securitization and Test Data Management platform. DevSecOps your Test Data & Privacy Risks.

Our ‘cloud native’ platform allows you to deploy our Test Data Management solution seamlessly across on-premise, cloud environments, and multiple clouds. This platform assists in pinpointing data security vulnerabilities present in production data, swiftly addressing these risks to prevent data breaches, and centrally verifying compliance achievements. Additionally, the solution includes IT delivery accelerators that facilitate Data DevOps (DataOps), data analysis, data quality, data mining, test data provisioning, and ultimately expedite software testing.

TDM Dashboard

The Data Compliance / Test Data Problem Statement

The Mission

IT Projects need “production-like” data to effectively develop and test platform changes. However, that requirement introduces “compliance” challenges as organizations are responsible for ensuring that individuals’ data i.e. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) are continually protected from disclosure or misuse.

The consequence of not complying with “privacy acts*” is significant both financially & reputationally.

*Privacy Acts including and not limited to APRA, CCPA, GDPR, PDPO, PDPA, HIPPA, FCRA, ECPA, etc.

Data Privacy Considerations

Key reasons you need to protect your data:

  • Loss of data can have a significant impact on the individuals, for example, employees & customers.
  • Mismanagement of data can lead to “compliance” penalties, fines & Sanctions.
  • Companies are exposed to significant financial risk, brand damage & lawsuits.
  • Privacy protection and security regulations are continually changing & evolving.
  • Information breaches are becoming more and more common as organizations leverage the value of data.

The Data Challenge

Data is complex and identifying and addressing your data security exposures are non-trivial.

  • Platforms are inherently large & complex (seas of data & billions of data points).
  • Risks are often well hidden (needles in haystacks).
  • Data security operations are manual and therefore error-prone & expensive.
  • Remediation takes time. Usually months of analysis and engineering effort.
  • Success, and avoidance of a data breach, depend on the competence of data engineers, platform “subject matter experts” & often luck.
Seas of Data & Mountains of Risk

The Data Compliance Solution

“The Data Bimodal”.

Enov8 Data Compliance Suite, is a holistic DevSecOps solution that addresses the two primary objectives of data delivery, that is agility versus security, or as we call it “The Data Bimodal”.

Out of the box features include “security-oriented” capabilities like data profiling for risk discovery, data obfuscation through encryption or masking and data validation methods to confirm compliance.

And “delivery oriented” methods like data fabrication for producing fake realistic test data, a DevOps manager for scheduling & automating data operations (DataOps) and data mining facilities for sharing & booking valid test data.

Both security & delivery methods are further supported through powerful integration features allowing us to integrate with other tools in your tool chain and a wide variety of data sources.

The Data Bimodal

Key features of Enov8 Test Data Manager:

Data Profiling

Know your Risks! Use Enov8 Data Profiling to identify where your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other sensitive data hides.

Manually analyzing your data can be very time-consuming, and due to volume and complexity. mistakes & oversights are easy.

Enov8’s TDM “Data Profiling” module uses Automation, AI, and Machine Learning methods to quickly understand your data and identify risks that could lead to security exposures, for example, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other sensitive customer data points.

Real-Time Insights that will drive platform upskilling & better data engineering, better data security, and act as a launchpad for accelerating engineering remediation.

Find your PII RIsks
Test Data Masking

Data Masking

Data masking is a process of transforming sensitive data into non-sensitive data that software testing can use. This is done by replacing confidential information with fictitious data that has the same overall characteristics as the original data. Data masking is used to protect information from unauthorized access or theft. It is also used to create test data sets that capture the statistical properties of production data without revealing confidential information.

Enov8’s platform uses AI to automatically profile your data and generate deterministic masking routines. This removes the need for engineers to spend months understanding and de-sensitizing data. Once generated, you can run and re-run your securitization / masking routines whenever new data arrives.

Data Validation

Data Validation is paramount in ensuring optimal Data Quality while supporting Compliance and Security objectives. While securing and masking data is critical for regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy laws, the accuracy and reliability of the data are equally crucial.

Enov8’s platform employs advanced machine learning techniques to validate data quality and the effectiveness of data security processes. This comprehensive approach allows you to uphold the highest Data Quality standards. By leveraging Enov8, you can be confident in the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of your data, meeting the strict compliance standards imposed by regulators. Effectively addressing data quality concerns and ensuring compliance, Enov8 optimizes the reliability and usability of your data.

Data Compliance Validation
Data Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Tracking & demonstrating compliance of your data can be difficult.

The Enov8 platform addresses the problem by providing a birds-eye view of “data compliance” across the enterprise.

A set of complementary insights, dashboards & reports that can be easily understood by both executives, managers, & engineers. Including, the all-important, security, compliance, audit, and testing teams.

The Enov8 Compliance Module gives you visibility into your organization’s compliance posture and helps you to identify issues and correct them before they become problems.

Data Fabrication

Are you struggling to find the right data to support your Development & Testing endeavours?

The Enov8 Data Fabrication module will help you create fake, but secure and realistic, synthetic test data that will fill the gap.

Tip! Synthetic test data is perfect for when there’s no real world information available. It can also be used to create test data that meets specific criteria, such as edge cases that are difficult to find in real data sets. And remember, since it doesn’t utilize any actual details, you have nothing to worry about legally or security-wise!


Test Data Fabrication
Test Data Bookings

Test Data Booking

Test Data Booking Management is the process of making sure that all the Test Data you need is available when you need it, while also avoiding Test Data conflicts.

Enov8 Test Data Manager helps simplify & standardize the task of data access through centralized data mining & data viewing routines. No need for messy SQL statements or shared spreadsheets.

The solution also provides you with a Test Data Reservation (aka Test Booking Management) functionality, that ensures that Test Data is only used by one team, or person, at a time and prevents potential data corruption and conflict.

DataOps Automation

DevOps has revolutionized application development and deployment, automating these processes for speed and efficiency. Yet, data often lags behind, resulting in delays, reduced agility, and heightened risk.

Enov8’s DataOps Automation platform is designed to integrate with your existing DevOps practices, ensuring that your data pipelines are as automated and efficient as your code pipelines. With our platform, data is no longer a bottleneck but a powerful driver of your CI/CD success.

DevOps Portal
VirtualizeMe (vME) Rapid Data Cloning Technology.

Data Cloning

Leverage Enov8 vME technology to quickly snapshot & provision “inexpensive” (tiny) copies of your data to Dev, Test & Production Support.

  • x10 Smaller
  • x100 Faster

Note: vME, VirtualizeMe, is a standalone Data Virtualization technology provided in conjunction with Enov8 TDM.

Data as Code 

Enov8’s “Data as Code” (DaC) suite takes your data management capabilities to a new level, surpassing the core functionalities of DataSec (Profile, Mask, and Validate) with an advanced trio of tools:

  • DataHarbor: Streamlines your data by intelligently reducing its size through subsetting, ensuring that the essential characteristics of your data are preserved for accurate analysis and testing.
  • DataCraft: Empowers you to generate synthetic, realistic data instantaneously, enabling robust testing environments free from privacy concerns.
  • DataQual: Automates the enforcement of data quality standards, ensuring only top-quality data enters your pipelines, thus maintaining high data integrity and compliance.

Embrace a holistic approach to data management with Enov8, aligning it seamlessly with your DevOps practices for superior performance and reliability.


Data as Code (DaC)

Supported Data Sources

Enov8 works with your most popular datasources. Including relational databases, no-sql, flat files, big data and native cloud database services.

the following databases are supported by Enov8:</p>
<p>Couchbase<br />
Oracle<br />
PostgreSQL<br />
Amazon RDS<br />
Microsoft SQL Server<br />
Azure<br />
MySQL<br />
MongoDB<br />
IBM<br />
DB2<br />
SYBASE<br />
Amazon Redshift<br />

Why Enov8 Data Compliance Suite?

A few of the key benefits found in uplifting your DataSec and Test Data Management capability.



Our solution is easy to learn, painless to on-board, has a straightforward “end to end” test data management process and is both tech & non-tech friendly.

Quality Compliance


Use our platform to support compliance objectives. Identify risk,  avert a security breach, protect customer identity and avoid huge penalties.



Increase DevSecOps velocity through fast risk analytics, rapid risk remediation, automated compliance validation & push-button consumption of data.



Our TDM solution supports continuous data integration, continuous data delivery, automate-able operations and promotes team standardization & repeatability.

Integration Points

Some of the popular tools we integrate with.


Managing test environments and test data preparation can be just as hard as managing your Production Environments. Keep up to date with the latest resources, reports & whitepapers to grow your knowledge of understanding of groundbreaking tools to accelerate digital transformation.

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