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Why you need to improve your IT & Test Environments and Test Data Operations


Project Time

On average, IT projects spend 95% of their lifetime in the non-production environment, test environment, space. For example in software development & software testing.


IT Expenditure

Organizations spend over 55% of their infrastructure, license & service budget on non-production. Test environments that need maintaining to meet software testing needs.


DevOps Delays

Delivery delays of over 20% are typical due to IT & Test Environment Management inefficiencies and test bed disruptions that restrict the software delivery process.


Data Security

According to Gartner, 70% is the estimated percentage of security and data privacy breaches that happen internally. That is within our test bed or test environments.

Source: World Quality Report

How our platform supports your delivery initiatives

Reduced IT Expenditure

Optimize your IT cost management through better insights and control of your IT & test environment usage and spending. Quickly decommission Test Environments that are not required.

IT Environment Transparency

Uplift team knowledge, collaboration & decision-making through real-time visibility of your test environments & data. Our solution acts as your system of insight that helps optimize each testing environment.

Increased IT Productivity

Improve productivity, & streamline delivery, through standardizing & then automating your test environments operations. Including tasks like deployment and create test data. Spend more time on development & testing.

Less Incidents / Outages

Establish a robust and proactive governance model that avoids crisis and the need for expensive remediation. Ensure uptime of your Test Environments, Staging Environment, Performance Testing Environment, etc.

Reliability & Continuity

Ensure end-to-end “availability” across your production & non-production IT Environments through mature engineering methods. Think Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for your Test Environment. Promote 100% uptime.

Compliant & Secure

Provides methods to understand your test environment and test data, including test data management and data security methods that ensure production data is masked, or fake, & you avoid a data breach.


Managing test environments and test data preparation can be just as hard as managing your Production Environments. Keep up to date with the latest resources, reports & whitepapers to grow your knowledge of understanding of groundbreaking tools to accelerate digital transformation.

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