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Enterprise Intelligence

An end-to-end “IT Intelligence” platform promoting transparency, control, and productivity across your IT & Test Environments, Releases & Data.

Platform of Insight

Scaled agility across your IT fabric

Streamlined delivery through IT & test environment, release & data best practice.

Enov8 Platform Architecture

​A Cloud Native Architecture

Enov8 platform provides unmatched flexibility, allowing enterprises to host it on-premises, in the cloud, or across multiple clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Installation is effortless, supporting standard Linux Server setup, load balancing, or containerization for added convenience.

Enov8 Cloud Native Architecture supports AWS, Azure & GCP

Platform Benefits

Typical Platform structure and toolsEnov8 Platform Holistic Umbrella Model


Improve visibility of your complex IT fabric allowing better collaboration and decision making.


Manage complex computer systems & the end-to-end IT fabric through a centralised portal.


Measure test environment usage to reduce IT spend and increase project productivity.

Operational Standardisation

Eliminate chaotic and non-repeatable operations by establishing control via centralised runbooks and using automation on regular & time consuming tasks.

Availability & Continuity

Manage change and contention effectively whilst providing real time health status and powerful analytics to determine business impact.

Automation Streamlining

Make automation available to project & test teams through a self-service gateway to improve productivity.

Meet Enov8’s enterprise solutions

 A suite of solutions all built on a single integratable framework called Ecosystem.

Environment & Release

Streamlining delivery through effective transparency & control of your IT & Test Environments & Release Operations.

Test Data Manager

The Data Securitization and Test Data Management platform. DevSecOps your Test Data & Privacy Risks.

VirtualizeMe (vME)

DevOps that Data! You will never have to worry about getting realistic databases for dev, test and CICD again.

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