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Environment & Release Manager

Streamlining delivery through effective transparency & control of your IT & Test Environments & Release Operations.

​Our IT & Test Environment & Release Management Platform empowers organizations in uplifting productivity, across production and non-production, through better visualization and observability of your systems, enterprise planning and coordination, operational standardization, and automated orchestration.

IT Environment Dashboard

The IT & Test Environment Problem Statement

Weak Test Environment management is a leading challenge for IT organizations and departments. Without effective management of ones Non-Production Environments, organizations are exposed to an array of challenges, which include:

  • Test Environment System outages and instability leading to delivery disruption.
  • Test Environments not being fit for purpose i.e. not supporting DevTest.
  • Manual, slow, and untimely IT & Test environment service operations.
  • Test Environment Footprint (infrastructure, license, and service) over-proliferation.

This all translates an impact on software testing, quality, IT overspends, project delays & consequently slow delivery of change to your customers.

    The IT & Test Environment Solution

    Innovate with Enov8

    Enov8’s Environment & Release Manager is a powerful platform that helps improve and simplify the way you manage your IT & Test environments. This platform has many useful features that empower organizations to control, automate, and gain valuable insights into their IT environments.

    At the heart of our solution is the Extensible Engine, which serves as the central hub for all operations. This engine seamlessly connects and facilitates collaboration between different parts of the platform. The platform also includes important modules that address essential needs in environment IT architecture, efficient service, streamlined operations, and analytics.

    By using Enov8 EM Platform, organizations can establish strong governance policies, enforce standards, and ensure compliance across their environment.

    TEM in a BOX

    Key features of Enov8 Environment & Release Manager:

    Environment Modelling

    Architectural Blueprinting

    Enov8’s Environment Blueprinting feature allows for the construction of architectural models for your lower IT environment. Utilizing this capability, you can build Environment & System Deployment Diagrams, understand relationships and dependencies, and design IT Service Diagrams. It also supports diagrams for capturing Business Process & Workflow. This enhances visualization and literacy, streamlining troubleshooting through visual representation of your end-to-end architecture. Additionally, it connects your architecture to live platform capabilities, including health monitoring and automation.

    SDLC Aware CMDB

    Enov8 offers a comprehensive Configuration Management Database (CMDB), designed to meticulously track various components of your IT environment throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This CMDB enables you to capture and classify essential information such as Environments, Systems, Instances, Microservices, Components, Interfaces, and versions. It integrates seamlessly with Enov8’s other modules and your delivery cycle, providing complete visibility and streamlined management. This feature is crucial for maintaining a holistic view of IT environments and ensuring effective management in alignment with the overall development process.

    Environment Modelling

    Fact Sheets

    Enov8’s Fact Sheets stand as an essential component of the Enov8 ecosystem. These streamlined documents provide immediate, straightforward insights into systems and releases, including project participants. Designed for ease of use and adaptability, they support the swift adoption of core best practices and can be tailored as necessary. They offer a broad overview of system information, detailing application configurations, compliance adherence, cost management, resilience measures, and security protocols, while also delving into the value, expenses, and operational readiness associated with releases.

      Environment Planning & Coordination

      Environment Planning & Coordination in Enov8 allows for efficient planning, coordination, and standardization of all testing environment and deployment events. The key features include: (1) Release Calendars: Facilitate effective scheduling and conflict resolution, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.(2) Automated Runsheets for Standardizing Operating Procedures (SOPs): These help in maintaining consistent procedures, promoting automation, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance. (3) Intelligent Notification & Approval Workflows: These workflows keep all stakeholders informed and aware of ongoing activities, enhancing communication and coordination.

      Runsheet Automation

      Booking & Contention Management

      Enov8’s Booking & Contention Management feature is designed to proactively meet project system requirements. The platform includes an intelligent Environment Booking Management module, which aids in capturing project environment demand and avoiding contention in Testing Environments. The flexible booking engine allows reservations across Environment Groups, System Instances, and Components.

      Additionally, it supports Test Data Bookings, enabling the reservation of sets of test data within your test databases. This ensures efficient allocation and management of resources, contributing to smoother project execution.

      Service Support

      The Service Support feature of Enov8’s solution is designed to reduce chaos and enhance service quality across Test Environments. This feature offers a comprehensive “IT Service Management” capability, which is both out-of-the-box and lean. It enables centralized management of various aspects such as Change, Incidents, and Support Requests related to the test environment.

      Additionally, the solution offers integration capabilities with a range of popular ITSM tools, providing flexibility and adaptability to user preferences. This integration feature is particularly beneficial for managing typical test environment tasks like Data Refresh, Batch Run, and Access Control.

      ERM Dashboard

      Enterprise Release Management

      Dashboards for Enterprise Release Management, including Dashboards & Reports for Releases, Program Increments and Projects offer clear insights into the release process and the current status of each release.

      They assist both stakeholders and team members in swiftly pinpointing potential issues or risks.

      Additionally, these tools foster collaboration across teams and guarantee that all stakeholders stay updated and informed about the progress of enterprise releases.

      Implementation Planning

      Enov8 Implementation Plan serves as a strategic roadmap for transitioning software or systems from development to production. Sometimes called a Deployment Plan or Cutover Plan, It outlines critical elements such as deployment objectives, timelines, resource allocation, risk mitigation strategies, and communication protocols.

      This plan ensures a coordinated and efficient rollout, minimizes disruptions, and facilitates stakeholder engagement throughout the process. Key components include detailed schedules, quality assurance measures, contingency procedures, and post-deployment reviews, making it indispensable for successful and seamless deployment activities.


      Orchestration Manager

      Value Stream your delivery lifecycle and efficiently manage your Upper & Lower Environments Activities with the Enov8 Environment Orchestration Manager.

      Centralize your automation within our platform, seamlessly integrate it with your GIT repositories, and effortlessly call other tools in your toolchain. Leverage customizable Runsheets, Automation & Pipelines to optimize your day-to-day operations like Provisioning, Shakedown, Insights Capture & Decomissioning.

      Note: In addition to calling your other favorite tools, the Enov8 platform offers an Open REST API, WebHooks, and is language-agnostic, allowing you the freedom to code in Bash, JS, Java, PHP, Python, or other languages of your choice. 

      Deployment Tracking

      Use Enov8 Deployment Manager to track the deployment state of all your environment resources.


      • Test Environment Instances,
      • System Components &
      • Micro Services.

      Quickly identify what version is deployed where and easily recognize environment drift and need for test-lane re-alignment.



        Out-of-Box & Customizable Insights

        Get visibility of all your test environments resources & operations in real-time.

        The Enov8 solution promotes better analytics, decision making & optimization through central & useful insights.

        Additionally, enterprises have the flexibility to create custom Dashboards & Reports, aka Information Walls, specifically tailored to their unique requirements, through the use of Enov8 Information Walls.

        This standout feature enables organizations to craft detailed insights by utilizing what we refer to as ‘data bricks’ – atomic blocks of information. This offers a modular and adaptable method for data visualization and analysis, enhancing the overall data management experience.


        Financial Insights

        Reap the Return of Investment (ROI) of better IT & Test Environment Management.

        Use the Enov8 platform to identify opportunities to save IT footrpint costs.

        On day-one the Enov8 Environment Management solution provides you with information to start addressing costly issues like:

        • IT over proliferation &
        • Idle system resources.

         Opportunities that could save you millions, if not tens of millions, per-annum.

        Environment ROI

        Why Enov8 Environment & Release Manager?

        A few of the key benefits found in uplifting your Environment Management capability.

        Cost Efficiency

        IT Cost Optimization

        Reduced proliferation & IT costs through better management of your IT environment infrastructure, licensing and services.

        Delivery Streamlining

        Enhanced productivity and streamlined BAU & project delivery through improved environments and data orchestration.

        Site Resilience

        Higher resilience, availability & continuity of your IT & Testing Environments through proactive and repeatable methods.
        Quality Compliance

        Quality Assurance

        Improved quality through timely and fit-for-purpose testing environments. Promoting development, test & acceptance.

        Integration Points

        Some of the popular tools we integrate with.


        Managing test environments and test data preparation can be just as hard as managing your Production Environments. Keep up to date with the latest resources, reports & whitepapers to grow your knowledge of understanding of groundbreaking tools to accelerate digital transformation.

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