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Enterprise Release Manager

Streamline delivery of IT change through embracing “Scaled Agile” best practice.

Based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Our ‘cloud native’ Enov8 ERM platform centrally governs all enterprise releases and deployments. Capabilities include Release Train Definition, Program Increment Planning, Product (System) Identification, Project Team registration, Project & Work Item Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation Planning, Post Implementation Reviews and Event Deployment Tracking.

ERM Dashboard

The Release Management Problem Statement

Value Stream Your Release Process

Release management, or more broadly “Enterprise Release Management”, is a leading challenge for IT organizations and departments. Ineffective Release management leads to an array of issues, including:

  • Poor transparency of “organisational change” & associated “value”.
  • Weak coordination across business units, projects, teams & tribes.
  • Bottlenecks across key delivery areas like planning,  development, build, deploy, test & compliance.
  • Manual, slow and untimely IT environment service operations.
  • Reliance on de-centralized tooling (spreadsheets, powerpoints & email).
  • Slow and untimely executive reporting limiting management decision making.
  • Poor information capture limiting measurement and improvement.
  • Manual and error prone deployment and Implementation day activities.

This all translates to impact on quality, IT overspends, project delays & consequently slow delivery of change to your customers.

    The Enterprise Release Management Solution

     “Relase Train Use Case”

    The Enov8 Release Management modules sits above the Environment Management module and provide you with a complete “Release Train” Use-Case. A framework to help you orchestrate and measure delivery across the lifecycle.

      • Define your Agile Release Train (ART)
      • Define the ART Program Increment (PI) schedule
      • For each PI create a “Master Plan”
        • Phases &
        • Milestones.
      • Identify your Products (Systems) are involved
      • Identify what Teams (Project Teams) will support delivery
      • Proactively manage System Instance Contention
      • Track team-project schedules, work items & features
      • Employ implementation plans
        • dry run &
        • production
      • Orchestrate your Deployment Strategy via Runsheets
        • Track Manual Tasks like Approval & Notification
        • Leverage DevOps automation
      • Track deployed versions
      • Employ PIR (Post Implementation Reviews) to improve continually
      • Use Out-of-Box Enov8 dashboards to track status
      • Build your own “Information Walls”, using Enov8 data bricks, to capture and display the value and efficiency of your delivery areas.



    Key Features at a Glance

    Release Dashboards

    Release Management Dashboards, and Information Walls, provides visibility into the release process and the status of each release.

    This helps stakeholders and team members quickly identify any issues or risks that may arise, enhances cross team collaboration and helps ensure that all stakeholders are in the loop and are informed about the progress of your enterprise releases.


    A Release Dashboard
    PI Planner

    PI Planner

    PI (Program Increment) Planning is a core element of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and is an event where all the stakeholders in an Agile Release Train (ART) come together to plan for an upcoming Program Increment (PI).

    Use Enov8 to create Program Increment plans, with Milestones & Phases, to guide release and participant teams/projects. 


    Project Team Register 

    Project Registration is the process of formally adding a new project to an Agile Release Train (ART). Or more specifically, the Program Increment (PI). This process involves gathering information about the project, such as its scope, objectives, and timeline. Once approved, the project is officially registered and added to the ART. This process helps to ensure that the project is properly aligned with the goals of the ART, as well as helping to track progress and provide visibility into the project‘s progress.

    Image of Project Register
    Demand Management

    Demand Management

    Test Environment Demand Management (also known as Test Environment Booking Management) is a system used to manage the demand for test environments. It is used to ensure that the right test environments are available for testing at the right time. It also helps ensure that the test environments are being used efficiently, minimizing the need for additional test environment capacity. Test Environment Demand Management helps organizations to maximize their test environment efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall testing quality.

    Implementation Planner

    Implementation planning, also known as deployment planning, is the process of creating a plan for how a project or organization will be implemented. This includes determining the objectives, goals, resources, timeline, and budget for the project or organization. It also involves assessing risks, outlining potential solutions, and developing a detailed plan on how to move forward with the project or organization. Implementation planning is essential for successful deployment of any project or organization.

    Image of Implementation Planner
    Deployment Automation

    Deployment Automation

    Deployment automation is a process that automates the deployment of software applications, infrastructure, and code changes. It reduces the time and complexity of manual deployment activities and helps organizations reduce the risk of errors. Deployment automation also helps accelerate the release cycles and minimizes the cost of software development, as it reduces the need for manual labor. 

    Post Implementation Review

    A Post Implementation Review (PIR) is a process used to evaluate the success of a release once it has been completed. The purpose of this review is to identify both successes and areas for improvement, and to ensure that the release, or project, met its original goals and objectives. This review is also a valuable opportunity to learn from past releases and ensure that future releaese are designed to be more successful.

    Information for a PIR
    Integrate with your favourite platforms.

    Tools Integration

    Integrating with other tools like Jira or ServiceNow can be highly beneficial as it allows organizations to centralize data, automate processes, and improve the efficiency of their workflow. By connecting and streamlining different applications, organizations can save time and resources, and gain better visibility into their operations. 

    Enov8 allows you to easily integrate and share data with your other favourite tools using Enov8’s Webhooks & Open RestAPI.

    Why Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager?

    A few of the key benefits found in uplifting your Release Management capability.

    Cost Efficiency

    IT Cost Optimization

    Reduced delivery & project costs through shorter lifecycle times, better prioritisation and management of project resources and the optimised use of IT & Test environments.​


    Time to Value

    Accelerated delivery of change through project scoping, cross project collaboration, standardization, and alignment of delivery tasks through centralised release controls.


    Greater Throughput

    An increase in what is delivered through creating a “well-tuned” release pipeline that leverages repeatable processes & eliminates duplication and use of manual methods.

    Mitigate Failure

    Reduced risk, uncertainty, and defects through following a set of standardised release processes and quality milestones that are well learned, audited, and automated.

    Integration Points

    Some of the popular tools we integrate with.


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