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Enterprise Release Manager

Streamline delivery of IT change through embracing “Enterprise Release Management” best practice.

​An ERM platform that centrally governs all releases and deployments. Capabilities include Release Scoping, Project Registration, Master Scheduling, Project & Work Item Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation Planning, Post Implementation Reviews and Event Deployment Tracking.

Enterprise Release Management

The Release Management Problem Statement

Value Stream Your Release Process

Release management, or more broadly “Enterprise Release Management”, is a leading challenge for IT organizations and departments. Ineffective Release management leads to an array of issues, including:

  • Poor transparency of “organisational change” & associated “value”.
  • Weak coordination across business units, projects, teams & tribes.
  • Bottlenecks across key delivery areas like planning,  development, build, deploy, test & compliance.
  • Manual, slow and untimely IT environment service operations.
  • Reliance on de-centralized tooling (spreadsheets, powerpoints & email).
  • Slow and untimely executive reporting limiting management decision making.
  • Poor information capture limiting measurement and improvement.
  • Manual and error prone deployment and Implementation day activities.

This all translates to impact on quality, IT overspends, project delays & consequently slow delivery of change to your customers.

    The Enterprise Release Management Solution

     “ERM Use Case”

    The Enov8 Release Management modules sits above the Environment Management module and provide you with a complete ERM Use-Case. A framework to help you orchestrate and measure delivery across the lifecycle.

    • Define your enterprise release schedule
    • Create a release master schedule
      • milestones
      • gates
    • Onboard (register) projects
    • Identify your system requirements
    • Manage system / environment demand contention
    • Track project schedules, work items & features
    • Employ implementation plans
      • dry run
      • production
    • Deploy via DevOps automation
    • Track deployed versions
    • Employ PIR to improve continually
    • Use Out-of-Box dashboards to track status
    • Build your own “Information Walls”, using Enov8 data bricks, to capture and display the value and efficiency of your different delivery areas.


    Enterprise Release Management Usecase

    Key Features of Enterprise Release Management:

    Release Dashboards

    Gain real-time insights using release & deployment dashboards, reports, customizable information walls & data bricks.

    Master Scheduler

    Create release plans to guide release and participant projects. Define activities, milestones & gates.

    Project Register 

    Capture project onboarding requests and decide which projects will be part of which release trains. 

    Demand Management

    Identify project system needs and proactively manage test environment demand via booking management methods.

    Implementation Planner

    Create plans that coordinate cut-over and deployment tasks. Tasks that may be spread over several teams and be manual, automated or hybrid.

    Deployment Automation

    Use the Enov8 DevOps Manager to house your deployment scripts & playbooks and then run on-demand or via schedules.

    Post Implementation Review

    Reflect and continually improve by using the PIR framework to review releases & projects incidents, risks & issues.​

    Tools Integration

    Easily integrate and share data / insights with your other Project & DevOps tools using Enov8 Webhooks & our Open RestAPI.

    Platform Screenshots

    A selection of our favourite screenshots. Contact us to see more.

    Why Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager?

    A few of the key benefits found in uplifting your Release Management capability.

    Cost Efficiency

    IT Cost Optimization

    Reduced delivery & project costs through shorter lifecycle times, better prioritisation and management of project resources and the optimised use of IT & Test environments.​


    Time to Value

    Accelerated delivery of change through project scoping, cross project collaboration, standardization, and alignment of delivery tasks through centralised release controls.


    Greater Throughput

    An increase in what is delivered through creating a “well-tuned” release pipeline that leverages repeatable processes & eliminates duplication and use of manual methods.

    Mitigate Failure

    Reduced risk, uncertainty, and defects through following a set of standardised release processes and quality milestones that are well learned, audited, and automated.

    Integration Points

    Some of the popular tools we integrate with.

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