Seamless Integration

With over 100 integrations, our platforms harmonizes perfectly with your current tool chain.

Platform of Insight

Enov8 Integration Methods

Enov8 provides “world class” Integration features including an open REST API, webhooks & scheduler. This gives you the flexibility to share information with other tools or systems as needed.

In addition to the above methods, Enov8 also provides an integration hub, called “DevOps Manager” which allows you to house any* integration or orchestration scripts and use them for operational streamlining.

Note*: DevOps manager is 100% language agnostic. This allows you to choose your favourite scripting or automation methods.

Leverage & share automation across your team, whether they were developed in Ansible, Bash, Dockerfile, KSH, Java, .Net, PowerShell, Perl, PHP, Python, Selenium, Ruby and so on.

By using our integration or DevOps management methods, you have the flexibility to manage the big picture easily.

Enov8 integrates seamlessly with your:

  • ITSM / Ticketing Tools
  • Continuos Integration Tools
  • Continuous Deployment Tools
  • Environment Configuration Tools
  • Monitoring / Health Tools
  • Hosting Platforms &
  • Collaboration Tools

And displaces manual intervention through rapid, reliable & fully automated processing.

ITSM / Ticketing Tools

ITSM/ticketing tools are software solutions designed to optimize and automate the administration, provision, and support of IT services in an organization, bolstering efficiency and aligning IT operations with business goals.

Enov8 offers built-in communication and IT service support features to promote seamless teamwork and project collaboration. Furthermore, it can integrate with your current ITSM and collaboration platforms, ensuring comprehensive visibility and adherence to established best practices.


ITSM / Ticketing Examples:


Integration Examples:


Continuous Integration Tools

Continuous Integration (CI) tools are software applications that streamline and automate the incorporation of code updates from various contributors, facilitating swift, consistent testing, verification, and deployment of software modifications.

Enov8 provides built-in DevOps capabilities for executing and scheduling integration tasks, as well as seamless integration with existing CI automation systems.


Continous Deployment Tools

Continuous Deployment (CD) tools are software solutions that automate the release of code modifications into non-production and production environments, enabling smooth and swift deployment of new functionalities, bug resolutions, and updates.

Enov8 offers built-in DevOps capabilities for executing deployment tasks and/or integrating with existing CD automation systems, ensuring a streamlined deployment process.


Deployment Examples:


Environment Automation Examples:


Environment Automation Tools

Environment Automation tools are software solutions that facilitate the deployment, administration, and orchestration of IT resources throughout various environments, simplifying infrastructure establishment while maintaining uniformity and adherence to pre-established configurations.

With Enov8, you can configure automation to coordinate these tools and/or leverage Enov8’s built-in “Ansible-Plugin” functionality for enhanced IT environment automation capabilities.


Monitoring / Health Tools

Monitoring /Health tools are software applications that assess and evaluate the performance, accessibility, and user experience of applications, allowing for early detection and resolution of issues to preserve optimal system performance.

Enov8 provides built-in features to monitor the health of your systems and services while also offering integration and orchestration capabilities for your preferred monitoring, performance, and test automation solutions.


Monitoring Examples:


Hosting Examples:


Hosting Platforms

Hosting Platforms, including cloud services and container platforms, offer adaptable, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure solutions for deploying, operating, and managing applications, accommodating diverse resource needs and supporting smooth application lifecycle management.

Enov8’s platform-agnostic approach allows for the monitoring, management, and provisioning of your systems, regardless of the chosen hosting method, ensuring comprehensive support and control.


Collaboration Tools

Team Collaboration Tools like Slack are software solutions that enable seamless communication, information exchange, and project collaboration among team members, promoting efficiency and cooperation throughout an organization.

Enov8’s adaptable integration capabilities permit the use of these tools for sending notifications and critical alerts, ensuring timely information sharing and response.


Collaboration Examples: