Why Enov8?

Why you need a platform for IT and Test Environment Management?

Without a holistic IT Environment Management capability, organisations invariably suffer from environment challenges including

Environments not ‘Fit for Purpose’

Outages and Instability

Slow and Untimely Operations

Infrastruction Proliferation

This all translates to significant ‘productivity challenges’ and ‘unnecessary costs’ to IT Projects and Operations.

How do you address these challenges?

1. Knowledge Management

Modelling of your environments and centralising knowledge.

2. Demand Awareness

Promote awareness of who is using your environments at any given time.

3. Planning & Coordination

Proactively Plan and Coordinate environment activities.

4. Service Management

Utilise lean practices to service and manage your workflows.

5. Application Operations

Standardise your Build, Deploy and Test activities while promoting your existing application automation toolsets through seamless integration.

6. Data Operations

Standadise your Extract, Transform & Load activities while promoting your existing data toolsets through seamless integration.

7. Infrastructure Operations

Standardise your Configuration, Provisioning & Decommisioning activities while promoting your existing infrastructure toolsets through seamless integration.

8. Centralised Status Accounting & Reporting

By moving away from your manual spreadsheets, emails and other makeshift methods you can now effectively report on activity, behaviour, usage & availability.

EcoSystem was specifically designed to address all dimensions of the IT Environment Management Maturity Index.

EcoSystem Extension Modules

An extensible IT and Test Environment Management Platform Promoting Transparency, Control and Productivity.

An Enterprise Release Management and Portfolio Management Module for EcoSystem.

A Data Center Migration Management Module
for EcoSystem.

DataView Test Data Management for Promoting Holistic Test Data Accessibility and Governance Mechanisms.