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Enterprise Insights

Innovate with Enov8, the comprehensive “IT Enterprise Intelligence” Platform for IT & Test Environment, Release, Deployment & Data. Use insights to simplify operations & conquer software delivery challenges 

Platform of Insight

Our Insights

The Enov8 Enterprise Insights platform offers powerful modules and insights that assist organizations in enhancing their software delivery processes.

Utilizing data from within the platform and throughout the software development lifecycle, Enov8’s Enterprise Insights platform empowers teams to pinpoint bottlenecks, boost collaboration, and refine their workflows.

Featuring real-time reporting and analytics, via Information Walls & Data Bricks, the Enov8 Enterprise Insights platform supports data-driven decision-making, enabling teams to perpetually refine their software delivery methodologies and rapidly deliver superior quality products.


Insight - Environments

Insight Use Cases

Streamlined delivery through IT & test environment, release & data best practice.

IT Environment Management Insights

Enov8’s Enterprise Insights platform provides powerful capabilities for managing IT & Test environments and optimizing software delivery processes. By granting visibility into the status and availability of both production and test environments, Enov8 enables teams to allocate and manage resources more effectively, resulting in reduced project cycles and improved software quality. With real-time data and analytics, teams can make informed decisions, pinpoint opportunities to streamline delivery, cut costs, and introduce operational efficiencies.



Environment Insights
Insight - Release

Release Management Insights

Enov8’s Release Management Insights provides a comprehensive solution for real-time insights into the software release process. Harnessing data from multiple sources, it allows teams to monitor and assess essential release metrics, such as frequency, success rate, and time to release. With customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities, teams can quickly identify trends and areas for improvement, enabling data-driven decisions and continuous process refinement. 

Deployment Insights

Efficient and reliable deployment processes are essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Enov8’s Insights platform provides organizations with the necessary tools to streamline and enhance their deployment pipelines, ensuring the seamless delivery of software updates and new features. By offering advanced visualization and analytics capabilities, Enov8 enables teams to gain a deeper understanding of their deployment process, uncovering bottlenecks and inefficiencies that may impact overall performance. 

Deployment Insights
DataSec Insights

Data Management / DataSec Insights

Enov8’s Enterprise Insights platform delivers comprehensive features for managing data security, test data, and compliance with information privacy regulations in a DevSecOps environment. By providing a central repository for data insights and supporting data profiling, masking, validation and DataOps, Enov8 not only protects sensitive information but also ensures that teams have access to the necessary data for testing activities while adhering to compliance requirements.



Cost Optimization Insights

Cost optimization is a critical aspect of running a successful business, as it emphasizes the need to balance expenses with the desired outcomes. Enov8’s Insights platform helps organizations to effectively manage costs and maximize the return on investment. By providing comprehensive tools for visualizing and analyzing cost data, Enov8 enables businesses to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenditures, streamline resource allocation, and improve operational efficiency. 



Cost Optimization - Insight
Insight - VSM

Value Stream Insights

Value Stream Management (VSM) is crucial for effective software delivery, as it focuses on the entire process from idea to production. VSM empowers teams to pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks, refine workflows, and expedite the delivery of high-quality products. Enov8’s Enterprise Insights platform offers powerful tools for visualizing and managing the value flow throughout the software delivery pipeline. 

Data Lineage (CI/CD)

Data lineage plays a critical role in the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process of software development. By tracking the flow of data throughout the development process, teams can ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and of high quality. Enov8’s Platform of Insight offers valuable tools for tracking data lineage, providing real-time insights into how data is being used and manipulated, and enabling teams to make informed decisions that result in better outcomes. 



CICD Data Lineage Insights
CICD Data Lineage Insights b

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 A suite of solutions all built on a single integratable framework called Ecosystem.

Environment & Release

Streamlining delivery through effective transparency & control of your IT & Test Environments & Release Operations.

Test Data Manager

The Data Securitization and Test Data Management platform. DevSecOps your Test Data & Privacy Risks.

VirtualizeMe (vME)

DevOps that Data! You will never have to worry about getting realistic databases for dev, test and CICD again.

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