Enov8 appoints Paul Thorley as Chief Board Advisor

Australia’s Enov8 appoints Paul Thorley as Chief Board Advisor; signals strong push into the US markets with IT & Test Environment Management platform.

Sydney – 8 September 2021 – Enov8 today announced the appointment of former Capgemini APAC CEO, Paul Thorley, as Chief Board Advisor amidst strong growth in overseas markets. 

Paul Thorley, based in Sydney, will be responsible for advising on growth strategy and developing inroads for international expansion using his expertise in offshore markets such as Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Thorley brings over 20 years of technology sales and strategic growth experience to the Enov8 team, including 10 years as CEO of Capgemini across Australia and Asia Pacific. His time at Capgemini saw him grow the business from $45m revenue per year to over $220m revenue per year and a team of 2000+ employees. He also currently holds prominent Chair positions with Innovo and University of Technology Sydney.

“I’ve been working with the team at Enov8 for a number of years across various partnerships, including my time at Capgemini. Enov8 is an intelligent organisation with a focus on innovation. Their software is world class and boasts some incredible customers based off organic growth,” Thorley comments.

“What’s exciting about Enov8 is the serious business problem that it solves inside IT departments all over the world. The business problem is that IT and Test environments are often the root cause of any major cyber-attack, system failure, project delay or budget blow-out. Most IT and business leaders are not aware of this because it’s often hidden in the shadowy depths of the IT back-room.”

Originally started as a spin-off from a service company, Enov8 and a central ecosystem platform was created by Niall Crawford to create visibility, automation and orchestration of the pre-production and test environments. Recently, the platform has built extra features and functionality to provide coverage across data security and data governance.  

“Business operations and IT have changed dramatically in a short time, given the impacts of Covid-19. Business leaders are looking to the IT team to accelerate digital capacity, lower expenses and protect the expanding threat surface. Demands on the already stretched Development and Infrastructure teams have never been higher,” Enov8 Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Niall Crawford comments.

“Given these market demands, we’ve experienced significant growth over the last couple of years and now is the perfect time to have someone of Paul’s expertise and pedigree in our team. His strategic mindset, ability to challenge our thinking and guide our growth plans will be instrumental in our success over the next few years,” Crawford concludes.

The appointment of Thorley follows major enterprise customer acquisitions in Australian and overseas markets, primarily in the United States. These customers include Fortune 500 companies and global banks such as ANZ and Citigroup. Enov8 aims to gain further market share from enterprises globally who are battling with slow digital transformation and beleaguered IT teams, exhausted from constant business demand. Enov8 also will be helping customers accelerate their move to the cloud, create visibility of their IT operations and improve IT project deployments through automation and orchestration of their development and test environments.


About Enov8

Enov8 radically simplifies the entire IT fabric with a focus on IT and Test Management. We make it easy orchestrate, visualise and automate the multiple systems across data centre, edge and cloud. We offer a full suite of platforms that are easily deployed and integrated across your environment to manage your enterprise release cycle, data compliance processes and create control and visibility of your IT and Test environments. Enov8 products can be delivered as a service, self-deployed or provided by a trusted Enov8 partner.


Our products include:

Enov8 Environment Manager – A platform that centrally governs all your systems and components across the Software Development Life Cycle. Capabilities include modelling of environments, configuration management, event & release coordination, system contention management, change & incident support, orchestration through automation & central dashboarding.

Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager – A platform that centrally governs all releases and deployments. Capabilities include Release Scoping, Project Registration, Master Scheduling, Project Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation & Deployment Coordination, Deployment Version Tracking, Post Implementation Reviews and “Real Time” Executive Reporting.

Enov8 Data Compliance Manager – A DataOps platform that focuses on Data Compliance and Test Data Management. Key capabilities include automated “PMV” (Profiling, Masking and Validation), Data Mining and a DataOps (DevOps) library for central management and orchestration of all your data operations.

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