Enov8 announces major growth in the US with acquisition of Fortune500 and top tier bank customers.

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – 15 September 2021– Enov8, an Australian based IT Environment & Data Management software solutions provider, today announced major growth across the United States with recent customer wins with some of the country’s largest banks and healthcare providers.

At a time when organizations are demanding more from their IT department and stretching Engineering and DevOpS teams resource capacity; the Enov8 platform has created opportunities for these teams to work more efficiently.

“Similar to the Atlassian story, our platform is designed to alleviate critical inefficiencies in the software development lifecycle. Our focus is on optimising and automating the complex parts of software development, pre-production and test environments,” comments Niall Crawford, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Enov8.

“In today’s digital and post-pandemic world, business leaders are looking for fixes for digital services that they see in Production environments. What they don’t realise is that 80% of their IT teams’ time is spent in development and test environments; battling multiple systems, disparate data, protecting the soft underbelly from cyber-attacks and enduring disconnected CI/CD pipelines.”

“If you were a CIO and invested millions of dollars in Developers, wouldn’t you want to make sure they have the right tools to be as productive and efficient as possible?” Crawford comments.

Over the last 18 months, Enov8 has seen a rise in enterprise and mid-market sized customers in the US. While based in Sydney Australia, the Enov8 team has been able to deploy the platform remotely for customers such as DHL, Kaiser Permanente and the United States’ largest bank, Citigroup.

“Our organic growth in the US through the pandemic is showing that more businesses and engineering teams are looking to optimise, consolidate and gain greater efficiency out of their Production and Test environments. With ransomware attacks soaring and data compliance requirements gathering, it’s a natural time to look at the entire IT function holistically and see where improvements can be made.” Crawford comments.

To add fuel to the US growth strategy, Enov8 have also recently appointed ex-Capgemini APAC CEO Paul Thorley as the Chief Board Advisor. Thorley joins the team with over 20 years’ experience in CEO positions in the technology sector across Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

“What’s exciting about Enov8 is the serious business problem that it solves inside IT departments all over the world. We’ve built the platform for the Australian market and boast Australia’s largest bank as one of our major customers. However, the platform transcends geographical borders and helps any enterprise with a large IT team that is struggling to keep up with IT projects and software deployment,” Thorley says.

“Enov8 is the IT and Test Management platform to watch. We’ve got a very healthy licensing business, benchmark expansion rates and a rapidly growing customer base.”

“But beyond all of that, we have a great community of Engineers and Developers who use our platform to orchestrate their entire Pre-Production and Test environments. As that community grows, CIO’s and IT business decision makers will be hearing about Enov8 from their staff as a tool that is a ‘must have’ for project delivery.” Thorley concludes.

For more information on Enov8, or to interview with Paul Thorley or Niall Crawford, please contact Lara Pascoe at Techtent Technology Marketing:

P: +61 4 77977103

E: lara@techtent.com.au

About Enov8

Enov8 radically simplifies the entire IT fabric, with a focus on IT and Test Environment Management. We make it easy orchestrate, visualise and automate the multiple systems within your environments – across data centre, edge and cloud. We offer a full suite of platforms that are easily deployed and integrated across your environment to manage your enterprise release cycle, data compliance processes and create control and visibility of your IT and Test environments. Enov8 products can be delivered as a service, self-deployed or provided by a trusted Enov8 partner.

Our products include:

Enov8 Environment Manager – A platform that centrally governs all your systems and components across the Software Development Life Cycle. Capabilities include modelling of environments, configuration management, event & release coordination, system contention management, change & incident support, orchestration through automation & central dashboarding.

Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager – A platform that centrally governs all releases and deployments. Capabilities include Release Scoping, Project Registration, Master Scheduling, Project Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation & Deployment Coordination, Deployment Version Tracking, Post Implementation Reviews and “Real Time” Executive Reporting.

Enov8 Data Compliance Manager – A DataOps platform that focuses on Data Compliance and Test Data Management. Key capabilities include automated “PMV” (Profiling, Masking and Validation), Data Mining and a DataOps (DevOps) library for central management and orchestration of all your data operations.








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