Solutions for Enterprise Release Managers


Needs of an Enterprise Release Manager

The role of the Enterprise Release Manager is to ensure that the enterprise’s various releases (whether waterfall or agile) move through the life cycle (from development to system test, integration, acceptance test, through to production) in a visible, controlled and streamlined fashion. This is achieved by implementing a framework (or train) that promotes cross team (development, test & operations) and cross-project collaboration.

The key objectives of the Enterprise Release Manager are often challenged by the fact the ERM role is relatively new (and misunderstood), the inherent lack of information sharing across projects (or even within the project teams) and the use of tools that prevent effective information aggregation and analysis.



To address the needs of ERM there is a need to establish a framework that allows all projects, divisions and teams to collaborate on scope, priority, strategy and release associated activities. And ultimately appreciate that existing “silo” (tribe) based thinking won’t suffice alone and must be complemented by an injection of “enterprise” intelligence.

The enov8 platform’s “Release Manager” is unique in that it sits “holistically” across the enterprises IT release spectrum and supports Release Portfolio Planning (& Scoping), Project Release Tracking & Alignment), Project System Demand (inc Contention Management), Implementation Planning, Deployment Operations, Automation & Package Tracking.

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How enov8 can help

Plan an enterprise release and register contributing projects

Use enov8 to capture and baseline the “Enterprise Release” objectives and associate, register & define the relevant projects that will contribute to this enterprise outcome.

Track contributor projects and ensure they are aligned with broader release portfolio and timelines
Enov8 allows you to Implement Release “Milestones & Gates” that each project must follow to ensure success of entire operation. Use the platform to track project progress, communicate to stakeholders, identify slippage (or problems) and ensure proactive and timely remediation.
Ensure releases key needs (system requirements) are understood and managed proactively across the lifecycle

Enov8 helps the organization understand & manage release demand and contention through “Out of Box” Project Demand Capture and Test Phase Booking Mechanisms. Ultimately supporting proactive operations and environment readiness.

Ensure implementation (production deployment) day operations are well understood and appropriately documented

Enov8 will help you simplify “production day” operations using implementation plans (for both provisioning and rollback) that define the relevant release tasks, order and dependencies and tracks status thereof.

Promote consistent, reliable & streamlined release operations

Enov8 supports standardising and templating of release operations via runbooks and automation streamlining through integration with your favourite build and deployment tools.

Ensure effective collaboration with your stakeholders and engineers
Use enov8 “release dashboards” to facilitate collaboration and decision making. Share relevant information to the stakeholders, release managers, project managers, environment managers and the operations staff.
Continually improve

Use the enov8 platform to capture and analyse all the relevant information & performance metrics relevant to your operations. Analyse it from different perspectives e.g. Systems, Projects, Teams and use that information to understand behaviour and opportunities to improve.