Enov8 Environment & Release Platform Pricing


Enov8 “SaaS” Base Engine Pricing            US$1,000 pm or $10,000 pa* 

Hosting:           SaaS

Modules:         Environments + Release

Users:              10 Users

Resources:     250 ERUM [1] 


Enov8 “Enterprise” Base Engine Pricing    US$3,000 pm or $30,000 pa*

Hosting:          On-Premise or SaaS

Modules:         Environments + Release + VO [2]

Users:             25 Users

Resources:     Unlimited ERUM [1] 


Extra Users or Resource Packs 

Extra User:     US$100 pm or US$1,000 pa*

ERUM Pack:   US$250 pm or US$2,500 pa*         (Pack contains 250 resources)

Note: Please contact us to discuss larger “enterprise” or “partner” requirements. 

*20% discount applied to annual subscriptions.

[1] ERUM = Environment Resource Under Management. This includes Environments (Lanes), Systems, Instances & Components.

[2] VO = Visual Orchestrate VO is a Self-Service Integration Hub for On-Premise Enterprise Implementations.