Enterprise Behavioural Dashboards to help organizations be agile at scale

Sydney, Australia 29 Aug 2017 – Enov8, the recognised leaders in Enterprise IT & Test Environment Management solutions and Enterprise Release, today announced the release of a new set of enterprise behavioural dashboards for Ecosystem. The new capability will allow senior IT managers & stakeholders to look across the organization holistically and identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps of the different systems, products, teams and vendors and provide scorecards on core areas of interest.Equipped with this intelligence executives will be able to see where to concentrate their effort across areas like Operational Baselining & Standardisation, Release Practices, Automation (including Health Checks & CICD i.e. Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment), Data Security Compliance and IT Cost Management.Niall Crawford CTO of enov8 said “At present more enterprises are trying to be agile at scale, however, the reality is they are struggling. There is no enterprise visibility, the teams still work in silo’s and collaboration is poor. Thus, when it all comes together at delivery time, everyone is moving at different speeds and invariably being held up by the slowest team.”“Ecosystem will now change this, starting from this new release any CIO, CTO or IT Executive will be able to see exactly what each team is responsible for, which systems are automated, which teams are compliant, which teams are providing timely service and which areas are causing footprint blowouts and cost overruns”.“Ecosystem will bring a change to enterprise behaviour, and using these new insights organizations should be able to cost optimize, save tens of millions of dollars a year and reduce traditional delivery cycles by up to 20% ”.Availability: Behavioral dashboards are now available with ecosystem 4.3.1.Out of the Box, Scorecards exist (by Teams, Vendors or Systems) for following:• System Technical Debt • Operational Standardisation • Infrastructure Proliferation • SLA compliance • Automation – Health Checks • Automation – CICD • Compliance – Data MaskingNote: Key Performance Areas (KPAs) can be added to using the tools extensible engine.—————–

About Enov8

About Enov8: Enov8 is an Australian Innovator, established in 2013, with a platform focused on supporting IT & Test Environment Management and key sub-disciplines including Release and Data Management. Our philosophy is to help organizations be “Agile with Discipline” (& implement DevOps at scale) through better understanding and control of the IT landscape.
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