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IT Resilience Manager

An IT Resilience Management Module for EcoSystem.


An IT Resilience Management Module.

Screenshots of EcoSystem Resilience management software on laptop and tablet

IT Resilience Manager

An “extensible” IT Resilience Management module that promotes System, Service & Business Process continuity (zero outages) in production and across the project delivery life-cycle. This is achieved through uplifting “enterprise wide” visualization of your IT Environments and by introducing resilience focused governance and automation.


IT Resilience Modelling

Remove complexity and improve visibility of your IT fabric to allow for better collaboration and decision making.


Capture Resilience Metrics

Capture and centralise your resilience metrics to promote seamless testing, auditing and reporting.

Cross Life Cycle Systems Governance

Ensuring end-to-end resilience in both your Production (Customer) & Non Production (Project) IT Environments.


Central Planning & Coordination

Proactively coordinate your resilience activities across the lifecycle.

IT System, Service & Processes Mapping

Visualise how your Systems, Services and Business Processes relate end-to-end and allow for “What-If” analysis to promote proactively planning.

Release Dashboards & Reporting

Centralised Status, Accounting & Reporting allowing for point in time measurement and trend analysis.

Watch an overview of EcosystemRM:




Enterprise Visibility of your IT Resilience across Production


Enterprise Visibility of your IT Resilience across Dev, Test & Projects


Recovery Avoidance through promoting Resilient & Secure Architectures


Recovery Avoidance through Proactive Operations


Recovery Avoidance & Streamlining through Resilience Automation


Streamlined IT Project Delivery & Time to Market


Avoiding Business Outages, Recovery Costs & Brand Damage


Centralised Status, Accounting & Reporting

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