Solutions for Disaster Recovery (DR) Managers


Needs of a Disaster Recovery Manager

As a Disaster Recovery Manager, your role revolves around ensuring that your organization’s IT systems and data can be recovered effectively and efficiently in case of a disaster. This involves planning, testing, and implementing strategies to minimize downtime and data loss, while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations and business continuity objectives.


Disaster recovery efforts can be complex and challenging due to the unpredictability of disasters, the need to coordinate various teams, and the evolving nature of technology and threats. Traditional approaches often involve manual processes, lack of real-time visibility, and difficulties in maintaining consistent recovery procedures.


Enov8 empowers Disaster Recovery Managers with streamlined processes. Offering real-time IT environment visibility, automated recovery procedures, and comprehensive planning & testing capabilities, Enov8 ensures effective, up-to-date disaster recovery plans.

Designed for IT Environment & DR Managers, Enov8’s “Enterprise IT Intelligence” solution provides a full view of your IT landscape. Model your site, monitor real-time operations, automate tasks, and capture crucial metrics. Design robust disaster recovery strategies, enhance preparedness through workflows, and make data-driven decisions. Enov8 aligns with specific recovery goals, be it rapid recovery, compliance, or data loss minimization. With Enov8, access a centralized solution optimizing readiness, streamlining operations, and fortifying resilience against disruptions.

Laptop IT & Test Environment Management


How enov8 can help

IT due diligence

Understanding your IT landscape is necessary before you embark on transformational activities. Enov8 has advanced knowledge management & cross-platform (e.g. CMDB, DevOps, eAM, ITSM & PPM) integration feature that provide detailed mappings of all key business & IT elements and promotes effective decision making, change prioritisation and ultimately solution sizing.

Define future state of DR landscape

Use Enov8 to design blueprints of what the future organization environments and applications will look like. And compare with historical, existing or future footprints.

Disaster Recovery planning

For important transformational engagements, like recovery, it is necessary to have effective planning, coordination & orchestration management methods. Use enov8 to scope the overarching transformation portfolio, divide and conquer with Recovery Release Sprints, direct key operations and track holistic & granular activity.

Define DR Implementation Operations

Leverage enov8 implementation plans and operational runbooks to define and direct transformational / migration operations down to atomic steps and track progress.

Transformation Testing / Quality Assurance

Ensure completed recovery activities are effectively tested by using enov8 “health-check” runsheets and out-of-the box lean synthetics (system test automation).

DR status accounting and reporting

Use the enov8 platform to capture and analyse all the relevant information & metrics relevant to your DR framework. Analyse the details from different perspectives e.g. Business Units, IT Services, Systems, Teams and share that information with team members and stakeholders.