Large utility – Agile Enterprise Releases

Large utility uses ecosystem to improve pipeline visibility, release planning and streamline deployments through embracement of ecosystem Enterprise Release.


About our client

A leading utility organization with over 3000 employees that are responsible for delivering essential services to over 3 million customers and continually improving their offerings through billion-dollar project investments in digital enablement. .
“Before enov8 we had hundreds of projects, releases and deployments being managed by non-integrated project plans, spreadsheets, word documents, sharepoint sites, emails and manual intervention. It was chaos!”

Client challenges

At the time of engaging Enov8, this large enterprise was undergoing a huge internal transformation that cross all core systems including CRM, Billing & ERP and involved hundreds of employees across large numbers of separate (yet coupled) project streams. The challenge of coordinating all of this was proving very difficult as everything was being managed using non-scalable methods like spreadsheets and email, and ultimately the consequence was a lot of gaps, confusion, release issues and delivery delays.

100+ IT Programs

1000+ Systems & Business Processes

Client Requirement

To address their challenges, the organization was looking for a solution that would help them better visualise, & manage all cross-project release activity and deployment methods and have better insights across release dependencies, IT resource demand, risks & issues and current deployment methods to better facilitate effective decision making & delivery optimization.
“Enov8 has allowed us to visualise our complete IT fabric. We have gone from total blindness to understanding all our systems, components and other relevant information like relationships with our Business Processes, IT Services and the consumer Portfolios and Projects.”

Enov8 solution

Director of PMO said “The team had been tasked with finding a platform that would allow us to better manage all our enterprise release needs. This included everything from aligning cross project release activity, down to ensuring quick, safe deployment methods and being able to track what had gone where.” “Finding such a platform wasn’t easy, as all the tools we evaluated only covered small parts of the lifecycle. However, ecosystem was different. Ecosystem covered everything and its ability to be easily configured meant we could finetune the solution to address our own unique operating requirements.

Key benefits

Enterprise release visibility
Provide visibility at any scale on the current status and next steps of a release.
Reduction in release cycles
Better plan and coordinate your releases to improve productivity.
Deployments automated
Streamline your deployment operations through the use of unified automation methods.
Fewer release failures
Deliver higher quality releases without losing delivery time.

Benefits: Unified release management practices allowing us to deliver more much quicker.

“Before enov8 all our release planning and road-mapping was non-integrated, error prone & time consuming. Most of the teams would rely heavily on spreadsheets that would invariably get lost, corrupted or simply become irrelevant due to lack of upkeep. And for reporting we would typically end up spending hours per week using Word and PowerPoint to impart high volumes of complex “real-time” data in a format people could easily understand. It was basically impossible to track and report this way and in addition to wasting lots of time re-authoring, we were continually running into unforeseen release problem that would cause delays, production errors and customer problems.” “The introduction of the Enov8 solution has unified our whole team, now we are all working together effectively with one integrated solution that allows us to easily visualise, collaborate, align our effort and prioritise goals. We are no longer a set of uncoordinated delivery teams, we are now working effectively together at scale and we are delivering more much quicker.”
“Enov8 is a complete solution. It is not simply a release planning tool, implementation tool, deployment automation tool or a package or version tracking tool.

Instead it is all of them.

The enov8 platform brings all your release information together in a sensible fashion that is easy to understand and allows ease of orchestration”

“Enov8 has become our single source of truth and replaced our awkward Release-Trains with a set of Release-Rockets that ensures the whole organization is delivering rapidly and in alignment with overarching business objectives”.

About Enov8 Footnote

Enov8 is an innovative & world leading IT & Test Environment company. Our mission is to help organisations better understand their Computer Systems & IT Environments with the intent of uplifting transparency, improving operations, reducing disruption, streamlining IT project delivery and optimizing IT costs.

Future Plans

“Improving ones Enterprise Release Management behaviour is not a trivial task. Through enov8 we have seen immediate uplift in maturity, however the tools analytical features also allow us to identify ongoing weaknesses and gaps. We are now using this information to refine and address existing hot potatoes like data release management and absorb the ongoing rapid business change”.

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