Enov8 launch Data Profiling and Validation for GDPR

Sydney, Australia – Mar 09, 2018 – In preparation for the EU GDPR (Data Privacy) regulations in May 2018, Enov8, leaders in IT & Test Environment Management, have announced the latest addition to their “Enterprise IT Intelligence” offering with the launch of a “fully automated” and continuous data “profiling & validation” capability that help organisations better understand and manage their data and associated risks.

According to Niall Crawford, Enov8, co-founder and CTO, the company has already had great success in helping large organizations transform to “DevOps at Scale” through providing a foundation of Environment Management & Release Best Practices, however, he continually noticed that organizations were being frustrated and failing due to data.

“Data is Environments Evil Twin, everyone knows it is there and it is essential, but few understand it in ‘isolation’ due to the inherent depth and complexity and even less so at ‘scale’ i.e. data that resides ‘end to end’ across platforms. The consequence is project disruptions and delays due to slow and clumsy releases and the provisioned environments not being fit for purpose”.

Crawford said “We want to bridge the gap, and provide a method of automating all the hard work that goes into understanding data and the inherent risks, like privacy & compliance, that are associated with it.

The new enov8 functionality is already being used at premium clients, and is officially launching on 1st April with deep dive integration support for all major relational databases i.e. MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MYSQL. And there are plans to introduce NoSQL and big data platform integration in the near future.

Note: This functionality will complement the existing platform functions which already include other powerful cross-tier environment features like Environment Modelling, Demand & Usage Analysis, Self-Service, Release Operations, Health Synthetics and Cost Optimization.


About Enov8: Enov8 is an “Enterprise IT Intelligence” Innovator, established in 2013, with a platform focused on supporting IT & Test Environment Management and related subdisciplines including Release and Data Management. Enov8’s philosophy is to help organizations be “Agile with Discipline” (& implement DevOps at scale) through better understanding and control of the IT landscape.

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