LTI & Enov8 Drive Breakthrough Innovation in Environments Mngt

Sydney, Australia Sep 08, 2017 – Enov8 the worlds foremost IT and Test Environment Management company, announced a strategic partnership with Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI), a global technology consulting and digital solutions company. The partnership will leverage the Enov8 Environment Management platform and LTI’s deep domain competence and global experience, to deliver, end-to-end visibility, transparency and governance across an organization’s IT environments.Presently, Test Environment Management (management of Non Production Environments) is mainly managed through spread sheets, emails and large amounts of decentralized information which leads to manual, inconsistent and error prone operations. This requires tremendous amount of coordination across multiple, often isolated, business units.The strategic collaboration and partnership will negate these issues for clients by offering a single platform to enable organizations to have end-to-end visibility of their IT Fabric thus enhancing their agility. This will deliver improved availability, streamlined projects, consistent operations and a reduction TCO.The salient features of the solution include:
  • IT Environment Modelling: Allows organizations to know the current state of environment thereby enabling transparency and proactive controls as compared to earlier situations of dealing with blind spots and chaos.
  • Demand & Usage Management: Puts in place a mechanism to analyze usage and effectively forecast future demand.
  • Environment Event Planning & Coordination: Simplifies management of environment contention, planning of releases and coordination of environment activities through a single platform.
  • Operational Baselining: Standardizes the current operations into a known repeatable framework and thus accelerates delivery through automation of manual tasks.
  • Tools/Systems Integrations: Seamless integration with best of breed solutions from bringing together project management tools to performance monitoring into one pane of glass.
  • Dashboarding and Reporting: Transforms the data across from the organization’s IT fabric into information to empower enterprise decision making.
These features provide wide-ranging business benefits to the organizations including:
  1. Reduced infrastructure and license costs via better planning & coordination.
  2. Lower project service costs via sharing & resource consolidation.
  3. Improved transparency / visibility through information centralization & aggregation.
  4. Higher Development & Test productivity through less outages & environment stability.
  5. Streamlined IT releases and delivery through operational standardization & automation.
Sudhir Chaturvedi, President & Executive Board Member, LTI, said, “Agility has assumed centre stage in testing operations of the business ecosystem. Age-old conventional frameworks are giving way to new-age co-operative models that bank on client-centricity. Our partnership with Enov8 aims to enable a newer benchmark and scale up the business excellence pursuits of organizations to overcome typical business challenges.”Niall Crawford, Co Founder and CTO , Enov8, said, “We are delighted LTI has selected Enov8 as a strategic partner for helping their customers better understand and manage their complex IT & Test Environments. By combining LTI’s global services capability and Enov8’s unique technologies, we are in a great position to offer organizations a platform that introduces end to end transparency, uplifts IT operational capability, streamlines project & releases and ultimately drives down IT costs.”Given the significant Return on Investment and the size of the addressable market, the alliance will focus on BFSI, Manufacturing, Utilities, E&C, Logistics, Retail, Pharma, and Healthcare.Visit LTI: enov8:
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