Enov8 enhances its Platforms with Data Orchestration

Press Release

Sydney – 11 March 2022 – Enov8 today announced that it has enhanced its Test Environment & Test Data offerings by providing a “Data Orchestration Appliance” based on Containerization and Data Cloning (also known as ‘Data Virtualization’) technology.

Niall Crawford, Enov8 Chief Information Officer, said “This new capability allows developers to bring the more complex data aspect, i.e. the management of their Databases, into line with their existing DevOps and CICD best practice. Simply put, we are making data deployment easy”.

Code Name vME (short for “virtualise ME”) & symbolised by the sheep (quick nod to Dolly),

vME Appliance

the new appliance will address the most common DevTest data management issues. Including:

  • Time to Deploy Data & Environments varies from Days to Weeks.
  • Application data often demand large & costly storage footprints.
  • Stale (or Old) “Point-in-Time” Data impacts Quality endeavors.
  • Bottlenecks, through over reliance on specialist DBA/Data SMEs for service.
  • No ability to retest, that is data snapshot & roll-back, is not an option.

Leveraging standard containerization and data agnostic ‘snapshot & cloning’ technology, vME will allow you to easily orchestrate all major databases, including: Couchbase, IBM DB2, Maria DB, Microsoft SQL Server, Mongo DB, MYSQL, Oracle & Postgres,

Supported Databases

The new appliance is anticipated to bring major benefits to the DevOps & DataOps community. Including:

  • x100 Accelerated Data Deployment. That is, vME allows you to deploy databases in seconds.
  • x10 Reduced Storage Requirements. vME databases are tiny (in MBs not TBs).
  • Promotes Data DevOps as code. Codifiable & DevOps-able through easy-to-use CLI & APIs.
  • Better Test Environment housekeeping. Easily provision & decommission unused environments.
  • Improved productivity. Spin up standalone databases to support individual or team activities.

Getting Access to vME

As part of the early adopter scheme, the vME solution will be made available to Enov8’s existing Environments & Data clients. In addition, vME will be provided as a standalone ‘appliance’ from May onwards. If your interested in learning more, or becoming an early adopter, then contact us at enquiries@enov8.com

About Enov8

The IT & Test Environments & Data Company. Helping companies accelerate delivery and be “agile at scale” through insights & orchestration of your IT & Test Environments, Data & Releases.

Our products include:

Enov8 Environment Manager – A platform that centrally governs all your systems and components across the Software Development Life Cycle. Capabilities include modelling of environments, configuration management, event & release coordination, system contention management, change & incident support, orchestration through automation & central dashboarding.

Enov8 Enterprise Release Manager – A platform that centrally governs all releases and deployments. Capabilities include Release Scoping, Project Registration, Master Scheduling, Project Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation & Deployment Coordination, Deployment Version Tracking, Post Implementation Reviews and “Real Time” Executive Reporting.

Enov8 Data Compliance Manager – A DataOps platform that focuses on Data Compliance and Test Data Management. Key capabilities include automated “PMV” (Profiling, Masking and Validation), Data Mining and a DataOps (DevOps) library for central management and orchestration of all your data operations.

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