Enov8 Offers Test Data, Environment Mngt & DevOps Testing Solutions

Hyderabad, India 05 Jan 2015 – Cigniti Technologies, the world’s third largest independent software testing provider, and Enov8, the specialist provider of DevTest Environment Management and Data management solutions, announced a partnership that allows Cigniti to strengthen Agile & DevOps testing services based on Enov8’s DevTest products & solutions.The Enov8 Solution, Ecosystem, allows Enterprises to immediately inject a level of transparency and discipline into your DevOps and/or Environment Management operations. Ecosystem provides you with a foundation where you can systematically improve overall governance through Out-of-Box best-practice and prioritise automation effort based on current work effort.“Cigniti’s focus to offer end to end software testing services solutions gets further strengthened through this partnership. Test environment management and test data management solutions are very important for enterprises across the verticals. With increasing need for DevOps and Agile testing this partnership also positions us to serve ISVs in helping accelerate their market readiness with quality software,” said Srikanth Chakkilam, Executive Director at Cigniti Technologies.“This is a very exciting partnership we are forming with Cigniti as it extends the value we offer to our global enterprise client base,” said Nick Finlayson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Enov8. “With the global reach of Cigniti, proven expertise, a sole focus on testing and investments in automation, combined with Enov8’s world-leading DevTest environment solutions, we are now, more than ever able to offer our clients the most comprehensive solution available in the global market.”—————–

About Cigniti

Cigniti Technologies (www.cigniti.com) is the world’s 3rd largest Independent Software Testing Services Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. With a team of over 1400 people, Cigniti is spread across UK, US, India, Australia and Canada. Cigniti’s test offerings include Agile & DevOps Testing, TCoE, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Testing on Cloud, Big Data Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Over the last 15 years, Cigniti has helped Enterprises and ISVs across verticals build quality software while improving time to market and reducing cost of quality. Cigniti has translated its R&D into SMART Tools that accelerate testing and help improve the quality of services delivered to clients. Cigniti has India’s first of its kind Robotics Test Lab, Enterprise Mobile Test Lab and a world class performance test lab.

About Enov8

About Enov8: Enov8 is an Australian Innovator, established in 2013, with a platform focused on supporting IT & Test Environment Management and key sub-disciplines including Release and Data Management. Our philosophy is to help organizations be “Agile with Discipline” (& implement DevOps at scale) through better understanding and control of the IT landscape.
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