or Run-Run-Stop?


MARCH, 2016

Despite the ongoing push for Agile, Development and Test Environment issues continue to cause significant disruptions to our IT Projects & our Time to Market.

20% of DevTest productivity lost based on global industry surveys.

Enov8 EcoSystem helps enterprises address these issues through a mix of proactive mechanisms that uplift environment transparency, governance and operational streamlining.

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Environment issues causing delays?

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How ‘Smelly’ are your IT Environments?

Kent beck, the inventor of XP extreme programming, once wrote about the concept of “Smelly Code”.

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The Blind Spot

It is hard to believe most enterprises are still managing their Development & Test Environment assets and activities with non-scalable and non-Integratable methods like spreadsheets, word documents and emails. This results in major blind spots and inefficiencies…

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Test Environment Management Explained

Despite most companies spending between 45%-55% of IT spend on Training, Development & Testing – TEM still seems an area of significant confusion and neglect. In the hope to educate and raise the bar on TEM, here is a quick overview of “IT & Test Environment Management best practices” from Enov8….

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